Industrial Experience

Busy Bee Electric has a staff of highly qualified professionals with experience in all aspects of the industrial market. Projects have included the gravel industry, concrete plants, asphalt plants, printing companies, chemical companies, metal fabrication and finishing companies, cement companies and grain companies to mention just a few.

Busy Bee has provided industrial electrical installations from New York to California. We have provided mobile equipment rooms, for large gravel plant installations. Electrical assemblies designed and built in our own shop and delivered to the site for final connection to gravel plant equipment. Some gravel plant electrical services are 2000 amps at 480V. Motor connections have been as high as 600hp in these plants. Special soft start assemblies have been provided in these mobile electrical buildings.

If Busy Bee has a specialty it would be the Industrial Electrical field. We have performed thousands of projects over the past 35 years with broad knowledge and experience in these plants. One of the most important factors in industrial work is not only understanding the electrical aspects but understanding the industry's operation. These clients must maintain a production schedule. Busy Bee has many years of experience inside these plants and understands the operations as well as our customers' needs. Busy Bee takes pride in having the best people, tools, equipment and experience to complete your Industrial Project.

Busy Bee has also provided our many of our clients with high voltage sub-station installations and performs high voltage maintenance on existing equipment.

Recent Projects

Limestone Plant
Gallatin, KY